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Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity has nothing to do with masculinity at all. It is boiled up in selfish human desire to please ones self above anyone else. This behavior is truly toxic but is not subjective to man or woman alone, its... Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Diaries #1

As I'm not a great writer but still want to make an attempt at being creative. I am going to try documenting some of my motorcycle rides and just talk about life. I have started a YouTube channel to post... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane

Well I picked up a new to me 2001 KLR650 on Saturday and I am in the middle of going through it. I will do a whole post about it soon with pictures but I wanted to put up some... Continue Reading →

Giddy little school girl…….

So I must say that I am a "giddy little school girl" right now. I have been "In Between Bikes" for almost 4 years now and it has been ruff. With the departure of the car I hate, now the... Continue Reading →

My Faithful Car Rant!

So I have a problem. I hate my car. Yes hate. I know that is a strong word my mother told me to never use but it is proper in this situation. I hate that it is a car, I... Continue Reading →

Feed the machine. 

I work in a pretty technology enhanced plant that has a robotic build cell. It builds large structures that travel on little cart from one station to the next. Various robotic arms reach out to a stack of parts, spin... Continue Reading →

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