So I must say that I am a “giddy little school girl” right now. I have been “In Between Bikes” for almost 4 years now and it has been ruff. With the departure of the car I hate, now the time has come to get back on two wheels and ride. I found a 2001 KLR650 through a Forum and we are going to get it Saturday. With a Carb rebuild kit in the mail, I am hoping to be riding wheelies Saturday evening. …. O yea, it is a KLR, I don’t think they can ride wheelies but oh the thought…… Anyways, let me explain how cool KLR’s are. Please see bullet points below;

  • Swiss Army knife of motorcycles
  • No change to production from 1987-2007, that is a sign of complete awesomeness,
  • Square headlight… those are always cool. Love the 80’s
  • 8 gallon fuel tank. At 60mpg X 8 gallons = 480 miles, your tail bone will have to stop at least twice for every fill up. THAT’S Cool……..

I will think of more later and include pictures.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!