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Baby step #1 – $1000 emergency fund

YouTube budgeting video.

So my wife and I have started doing a video series on budgeting and personal finance on her YouTube channel. Please take a look and let me know what you think.  

Farmhouse build 1-4

  So we have been in our new house for about 4 months now and starting to get used to things. We are on 10 acres and have lots of options for making use of the land. Gardening and fruit... Continue Reading →

“The Means” YouTube Channel Intro

So I am starting a YouTube channel to specifically talk about money. I like to cover it from time to time but I need to pay more attention and part of that will be that I need to try to... Continue Reading →

Where did it go?

Where did it go? I'm not sure. I would like to think it's still here but maybe it did go somewhere . Is it here but not seen? Here but not heard? Maybe it's here jumping up and down yelling... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wish List – Knives

I am the perpetual dreamer. I love to dream and have no problem not buying things I don't have money for currently. So I thought that maybe I should indulge and make a few Christmas wish lists just in case... Continue Reading →

Means to the end

What are our means to the end? How will we make it from start to finish? Can we have means without means? There are two definition to the word means that while it is the same word, both meanings are... Continue Reading →

.357 Love

Love .38 special.
Great article

Workingman Firearms

After 70 years the .357 Magnum is still a one of the most popular cartridges around. This popularity is well deserved. Firearms chambered in the full power .357 Magnum caliber can also shoot less powerful, and cheaper, .38 Special loads. This benefit can increase range time and let new shooters get used to the recoil before moving up to full power loads. Three reasons I like the .38 Special/.357 Magnum combination are firearms chambered for them, the wide selection of factory ammunition available and the ease of reloading.

Firearms– Most of the .38 Special/.357 Magnum firearms available today are revolvers. From short barreled carry pieces to huge long barreled hunting handguns there are .38 Special/ .357 Magnum to fit every need. Single action .357 Magnum revolvers are powerful enough for deer size animals at close range. Even the .38 Special could be used for small game given the right load. There…

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Range Report – 2/11/2017

Location: Quail Creek, Denton TX Time: 11:00-1:00 Arsenal: S&W M&P15 sport, .556 S&W Model 10 .38 Special 4" Walther PPS 9mm M1 Garand (Cousins) Springfield 1911 (Cousins) Glock 21 (Cousins) Benjamin Franklin Model 312 .22cal (Air Rifle) Ammo 30-06 168gr... Continue Reading →

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