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Missing you

Missing you..... Yes you....... Where did you go? No where of course but that does not change that I'm missing you. I had the pleasure of going shotgun shooting at a work event and out to dinner afterwards with "guys".... Continue Reading →



As time closes on this "New Year", the time comes to look back, not over our accomplishments but to look back at time spent. The bottomless vault of time we burn not knowing what we have left but regardless, we... Continue Reading →

Grandpa (Tell Me ’bout the Good Old Days) – McMillan Family

My kiddos with papa

Rhythm In Life

We had an amazing thanksgiving weekend with our family. Amongst all the beautiful moments, our baby girl wanted to sing with her papa. Over the years he has played guitar to the grand babies and I know that those memories are for a life time. Our boy loves drumming and oh well, he took the part in this beautiful duet.

It’s just beautiful sharing moments like these that can never be compared to anything else in this world. I am thankful for the love our children share with their papa(Grandpa)

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Marriage and Finances

Timeless post from my wife and a great reminder this upcoming holiday season.

Rhythm In Life


As we approach the holidays I can’t help but think about finances especially in Marriage. I know that this may be an elephant in the room around this time of the year and most would rather forget it until January when reality hits. We have been there and I know how that game goes. It’s sweet now but can turn sour come January when all the bills pile up.

My husband and I come from two very different understandings about finances. I was raised to depend on my dad as the provider of every $$ or shilling in my case. And my only job as a teenager was working for my dad.

When I needed money, I asked my dad. Don’t get me wrong, at times he gave it to me and many times he said no. So, I knew then and for a fact know now that money does…

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Hi, how are you? I'm fine. Thank you for asking. Just wanted to see if anyone is still out there listening waiting for the next words of nonsense to come out of my mouth. Well if you are, then I'll... Continue Reading →

To cling to Him

Thoughts from my Bride

Rhythm In Life


My breathe, your breathe is because he has allowed it to be. The perfectly painted sky in all its beauty is because he has it exactly the way he wills, the birds in the air, a new born baby, the gentle breeze, the beautiful sun, the mountains, every drop of rain……the list is endless. All are because God is and His Will continues to be done.

For the past several months, we have been going through construction of our new home and saying it’s been hard and overwhelming would be an understatement. I have seen myself go though different emotions. Most of the time, I have tried to justify or rather blame everything on the fact that they are not going as I had planned; oh how I need God’s grace to dwell on His plan not mine.

As we continue with this building process, I have realized my true…

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Rhythm In Life

IMG_5353Under a puzzle of sticks

Stone and dust

We take shelter

For a moment

Calling it home.

~Susan McMillan

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10 years of love

Rhythm In Life


10 years ago today, I married the most amazing man I know. My Michael, you were and still are everything I could ever hope for and desire in a man ; devoted to the Lord, kind, intelligent, humble, full of integrity, respectful, full of good humor and oh well, strikingly handsome; those beautiful hazel eyes and more that I won’t explain.

Not to mention your tenderness as a parent to our munchkins now that we have children, relentless loyalty and devotion to me for the past 10years, patience, unwavering faith and devotion to the Lord that myself and our children continuously look up to, a sense of humor that easily turns my “serious” face into a silly grin or laughter.

It has been an honor to be called your wife; your bride as you like to call me. You have been a blessing to me; praying for and with me…

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Free E-book download

Rhythm In Life

Voices In Ink

Last year I had the joy of self publishing two poetry books and I have to say it was a dream come true for me. I have loved poetry since I was a little girl and I like to think of it as a simple way of expressing oneself. If y’all enjoy my poetry, it will be available for a free download Jan 29th through the 2nd of February.

If you download, please write a review on Amazon with your honest opinion.

Thank you in advance.

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