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New Poetry Book Release

Rhythm In Life


Dear pen

Is it me

Or you

That tempts me

To spill ink

Staining the world

Like a fool?

I have been working on this labor of love for a while and I am excited to bring it forward to my dearest readers. It is currently available only in paperback but I should have the EBook available in the next couple of days. I hope y’all enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Thank y’all again for your love and support through your readership.

God Bless

Susan McMillan

Voices In Ink

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9/11 Never Forget

The Armed Christian

We pray for those who were murdered and injured on this day and for those who lost someone dear. May God protect and comfort each of them. This is a day to pray, to mourn, to remember and to strengthen our resolve to protect what we hold most dear.

Never forget…never surrender…


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35 camping essentials

Rhythm In Life

IMG_20160407_184732Camping was really never my thing. Well, let’s say I love my bed and am no friend to the bug world. In fact, that is probably an understatement. On the other hand though, my beloved (and little ones) love to camp and anything outdoors related. Well, that too may be an understatement of how deep his love for the outdoors is. It is a real relationship!

So, what is a gal to do? Give in but find a way to make camping or rather the outdoors somewhat acceptable.

Perhaps a few items to make that happen;

  1. Tent; it has to be real good and reliable just in case the weather goes south.
  2. Tarp – don’t forget to put your tent on a good size tarp. Not too big or you will get rain between your tarp and your tent floor.
  3. Sleeping bags – Depending on where you camp, we…

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50 Family Movies Worth Owning

Rhythm In Life

We have not had cable TV in over 5 years and we do not regret it. Something that started out as a way to save money, has turned out to be really good for our family. We enjoy the fact that we can freely pick and choose exactly what we want our family to watch. With two little ones, there are very many fun movies that we don’t have to worry about the content. Being fond of older family movies, we decided to put together the list below for ourselves but also to share with y’all. We have watched about half with our latest being Old Yeller and Savage Sam of which our family really enjoyed. Since we get Netflix DVDs, it has been very easy to find these titles but hope to collect them as well.

  1. Old Yeller
  2. Savage Sam
  3. Swiss Family Robinson
  4. Herbie Goes Bananas
  5. Snowball Express
  6. The…

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Stay afloat!

Rhythm In Life

bald-eagle-140793_1920Dear nation,

Land of honor

Nation of men and women

Of grace and forgiveness

Nation that was built

From blood and sweat;

Hard work!

Nation that our ancestors

Prayed for

Nation of sons and daughters

Lost for the flag

Nation of fathers and mothers

Honored by the flag

Nation that we honor

Nation that we pray for

Nation that we hope for

Stay afloat

Don’t sink

Before our eyes!

Susan McMillan

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Rhythm In Life


Broken past

Bound by grace

Building nations

Without a notion

Of oil and water

Black and white

But God’s grace

For His people


Christ as the foundation,

Cry beloved nation

Cry beloved Children

Cry beloved people

For His Grace is sufficient

To heal our nation.

Susan McMillan

A cry for our nation

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Kimber Announces New Versions Of The K6

The Armed Christian

This is not new news, it was announced last month but I misplaced the link and thought I had already posted it.

Kimber announced two variants of their six-shot revolver platform. Two are (mostly) cosmetic variations of the original K6 and one is a longer barreled version of the snubbie.

The CDP is a (mostly) cosmetic two tone version of the K6 with wood grips. It does feature three dot night sights as standard.

Photo from

The DC is also a (mostly) cosmetic variant featuring a solid black finish, matching G10 grip and night sights:

Also from

I have to say that is definitely my favorite of the two but then again, anyone who has seen my collection of snubbies with black finishes shouldn’t be surprised by that. Unfortunately, with an MSRP of $1,155 It won’t be joining my collection anytime soon.

Kimber also announced a new version…

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Joyful curls(little mama)

My baby girl

Rhythm In Life


My little Michele Grace has beautiful hair; it’s between curly and wavy. It’s honestly perfect and I can rightly say the most beautiful hair I have ever seen (not to mention that this is my daughter). So yes I do have the mama bias going on here.

Despite how beautiful my baby’s hair is, the fact is it tangles up easily calling for Mama’s magic touch. In the glory of being so naive in hair department in general, I have had to learn a thing or two on how to solve this battle zone moment (hair fixing) is indeed a battle field with my munchkin but a memory building session for both of us.

So, my first approach has become to deploy the mighty hair needs; not wants but Needs!

  • Detangler
  • Shampoo and conditioner (Giovanni 50/50 balanced to be specific). Nothing else will do in our opinion; we have…

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