I work in a pretty technology enhanced plant that has a robotic build cell. It builds large structures that travel on little cart from one station to the next. Various robotic arms reach out to a stack of parts, spin around and add them to the structure. Various people stand around and feed the stack to make sure there are enough parts for the machine. When I walk by under the groneing tone of machinery I hear this low voice saying feed the machine. Feed the machine…… The workers around may not be able to hear it in but they quickly respond and give he machine what it wants. How much of our lives are like this? How much of our lives are preprogrammed and running “flawless” as long as the machine gets what it wants? One operator sleeping on the job and not feeding the machine and we go into a tail spin. What does the machine need? Not want but need? We need food and shelter. Reasonable clothing and transportation. Safety and security. We want guns, motorcycles, tools, computers, drone’s, jeeps, trucks, and all things called fun that we want but can’t afford. I get tickled camo when I get a new toy just like my children with a new Lego set but those are nice to haves. They should not be part of the machine. They should not be the things that derail our lives and careers when we can’t receive them. When I walk into work on a Friday morning and see the goose neck boys in the back of the parking lot with the 4×4 diesel hooked up with all the toys on the goose neck trailer ready for the weekend, I am reminded that my dreams have never really changed on that department. I have always wanted those things but the means in which I am willing to get them have completely changed. When I was younger I wanted them at what ever the cost. “Feed the Machine”. Now I’m willing to wait and enjoy more affordable items with my family that in the end will leave me with far better memories. If those toys come in a debt free manor then so be it…..