So I have a problem. I hate my car. Yes hate. I know that is a strong word my mother told me to never use but it is proper in this situation. I hate that it is a car, I hate that it is a wagon. Yes some may call it a 5 door hatchback but it is a station wagon. I hate that it has 4 cylinders, I hate that it is an automatic. I really hate how practical the stupid thing is. I also hate all 4 wheels that it has. My problem is I am having major motorcycle withdrawals. It has been 3 years now since I have been “In between bikes”. I don’t like this status. Your always supposed to have one in the stable. So what is my problem? Well to start out, the darn thing is reliable. We have had it going on 7 years and 120k miles. You change oil, add gas and rotate the tires. It just keeps on going. Ac never fails and FM radio is always good. I have a problem excepting two facts. First, as much as I want to believe I can ride a motorcycle solely come rain, snow or hail, I cannot. I am really cool but not that cool. And if I take the nice car on those days it is getting rained on, hailed on and snowed on. Second, if I wanted to re place the thing with something cooler like a jeep or a truck I would have to add a lot more money to insure that what I got was at least as reliable as this old car. I have a history with this thing of which I can trust to an extent and that is hard to buy in the $3000-$4000 category.

So what do i do? I really don’t know, That is why i am venting it out on here. maybe i should sell the car and buy a good bike and a rain suit. maybe keep the thing until the wheels fall off. I really don’t know. I really just felt like complaining.