Where did it go? I’m not sure. I would like to think it’s still here but maybe it did go somewhere . Is it here but not seen? Here but not heard? Maybe it’s here jumping up and down yelling at the top of it’s lungs but no one is paying attention. I was looking over this blog over the holidays and honestly forgot. About my writings on finances. Personal finance is still a wonderful thing but I have fallen off the wagon a bit. It doesn’t mean we have changed our ways in the money management category but we have not had the intensity that we once had. When you make the transition from snowballing your debt to debt free, (minus the house) it’s easy to stop running. To stop putting your heart and soul into every months budget hoping to squeeze an extra nickel. Sometimes it’s easier to just freeze. Before the great awakening of 2009 we tried to out earn our stupidity. Lately, we have been out earning our laziness. We have not been adding debt but we have not been actively engaged in winning. This year I want to get back to wining. We are running a much different race this time around but that does not mean you can sit down and win. I am really hoping this year to change the pace of my wife and I when it comes to our finances as well as contribute to those out there that need help. We listen to Dave Ramsey and are still amazed at the calls he receives. It’s easy to think that people are smarter now and not making those mistakes but they still are and now even worse than ever. I really hope to contribute to a solution by helping others in their walk. If you are reading this middle of 2019 and have not seen anything useful in regards to personal finance, feel free to leave mean comments below.