Location: Quail Creek, Denton TX

Time: 11:00-1:00


  1. S&W M&P15 sport, .556
  2. S&W Model 10 .38 Special 4″
  3. Walther PPS 9mm
  4. M1 Garand (Cousins)
  5. Springfield 1911 (Cousins)
  6. Glock 21 (Cousins)
  7. Benjamin Franklin Model 312 .22cal (Air Rifle)


  1. 30-06 168gr Hornady
  2. 9mm
  3. .38 Special
  4. .45 ACP
  5. 5.56 HP 62 Gr
  6. .22cal pellets

I went to the range today with my cousins and had a great time as always. Both with them and with guns but I will say the two combined is a real joy.

To start the day out we started on the pistol range and had three lanes set up with two 45acp’s. One lane with a .40 cal Glock that I did not shoot as well as a Ruger SR22. Then 9mm’s and the .38 special on the end. My main point on the pistol range was to work on trigger pull with my Walther PPS which is my main carry piece. I was able to shoot about 100 rounds at 10 yards and really got comfortable with the recoil and trigger pull. I was able to shoot 50 rounds through the .38 special revolver which is probably my favorite gun I own. The revolver is what we keep at the house as my wife is most comfortable shooting that.

I was able to shoot both a Glock 45acp as well as a Springfield 1911 45acp. That was my first real attempt to shoot that cartridge and I must say I was impressed. Both of those are a big gun and I do not see carrying that round but for home defense or a truck gun, it would be perfect.

Next, we moved down to the rifle section at 100 yards. I do not own optics at all so generally I stick to the 25-50 yard range but since my cousin was wanting to site in his bench AR15, we went to the 100 yard range. I started by shooting my cousins M1 Garand. I must say it was love at first site. Similar to the feeling when you saw your wife. The one you thought your mother was joking about until it happened to you. You just know….. For now due to limited disposable income that ONE will have to wait. Back to my story…. I shot 6 rounds on 30-06 through that gun with open sights and really don’t care what I hit. I saw a big cloud of dust after each round so I know I was hitting something but like I said it did not matter. I think I will saw that the M1 Garand has officially replaced the M1A’s spot on the list.

After the jitters wore off from the wonderful experience I pulled out my open sight AR. I have had this gun for 2 years now and other than clean it I have done nothing. It is an M&P15 with Magpul flip rear sights that came on factory. This gun is so perfect in its stock configuration that I do not think I will ever change anything on it. I started with 20 rounds to get comfortable and then went to put up targets when the range went cold. I set up a 14″x 14″ target to shoot at and headed back. I put another 40 rounds down range and while I can certainly not brag about a grouping of any kind, I will say that I put a lot of rounds through that target. (See Below)

I took my old air rifle with me to see just how bad it is. I plan to rebuild it soon but I just wanted to get a base line. 10 pumps and it could not punch the paper target at 10 yards. I would say the base line is established.

All in all it was a great day. I generally take my son (7yrs) with me. So he was missed but it was a lot of fun to work on the mechanics of shooting and enjoy spending time with family.

The next range report will probably come after my daughters 6th birthday when she will get her first gun. A pink .22LR Cricket.

God Bless y’all and God Bless Texas…..