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Baby step #1 – $1000 emergency fund

Tip for Tax Time

Tax time is back and here is a good tip.

RIL Man Stuff!

Its that time of the year to start thinking about taxes. When life was easy we were generally done by now but with a more diverse portfolio and a small business it takes a little longer to get ready. I’m not just talking about the paper work even though that is a large part of it.  I’m talking about getting ready to let go of some money to great old Uncle Sam. We tend to owe a little every year as contracting full time and small business part time can cause some fluctuation in income. The end result is generally owing the old guy a little bit.  So this year as we have been working the numbers we realized something that may end up saving us a lot on taxes.We had not contributed anything to my wife’s IRA but the good news is that we still can until April 18th…

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The Dave Ramsey Diet

When we were on our debt free journey, we found ourselves getting very creative in the kitchen. Here are a few of our more memorable ones.

YouTube budgeting video.

So my wife and I have started doing a video series on budgeting and personal finance on her YouTube channel. Please take a look and let me know what you think.  

O wow today.

O wow, this day I love. Off the line was beauty at its core. From the sun up the smile was there softly tell me what I needed to hear. Slowly I moved holding on to that moment of peace... Continue Reading →

Stuffing the Envelopes – The Cash Plan

The kids and i shot a video on our you tube channel about stuffing envelopes. Check it out at today @ 9 am cst. Thanks and God Bless

Farmhouse build 1-4

  So we have been in our new house for about 4 months now and starting to get used to things. We are on 10 acres and have lots of options for making use of the land. Gardening and fruit... Continue Reading →

“The Means” YouTube Channel Intro

So I am starting a YouTube channel to specifically talk about money. I like to cover it from time to time but I need to pay more attention and part of that will be that I need to try to... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year……..

Happy New Year...... I'm a little late at saying that but it's only the 7th so I think it can slide. How was your last year? Mine was a flash but this year will be different. Just like every other... Continue Reading →

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