Rhythm In Life


I lost my biological mother at the age of 3. This summer I turn 34, it’s been years since mama passed on; went to be with the Lord. For those long years, I have watched my grandma grieve mama; her baby girl.

Today, I lost one of the many women that raised and nurtured me. A woman that pointed me to Christ when I was over come with bitterness of a heavy world; my maternal grandmother. Grandma was the last of those women. As of today those women are all no more in this life but I have hope in Christ.

For years I would run to my grandma pouring out my heavy heart. With high expectations of her feeding my anger/bitterness, grandma would gently pull up her Bible, take my hand and read to me “truth” that I didn’t feel was fair in that season of my life. Grandma…

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