Rhythm In Life

We have not had cable TV in over 5 years and we do not regret it. Something that started out as a way to save money, has turned out to be really good for our family. We enjoy the fact that we can freely pick and choose exactly what we want our family to watch. With two little ones, there are very many fun movies that we don’t have to worry about the content. Being fond of older family movies, we decided to put together the list below for ourselves but also to share with y’all. We have watched about half with our latest being Old Yeller and Savage Sam of which our family really enjoyed. Since we get Netflix DVDs, it has been very easy to find these titles but hope to collect them as well.

  1. Old Yeller
  2. Savage Sam
  3. Swiss Family Robinson
  4. Herbie Goes Bananas
  5. Snowball Express
  6. The…

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