Rhythm In Life

For the last couple of months y’all have been reading my posts on abuse. I have hoped that pouring out my heart would help encourage others towards healing as well as create awareness for those that can protect helpless children who continue to be vulnerable at the hands of molesters.

There has been pain beneath this smile

There has been a child beneath this woman

There are scars beneath this glitter

There’s a human

There’s a wife

There’s a mother

There’s a friend

Beneath this face

There’s forgiveness

There’s Faith

There’s hope

Beyond myself

Audacity of her is a very simple collection of abuse related poetry some of which have been published on the blog but most have not. It’s nothing fancy and it’s self-published with help from my husband. I have it listed as an EBOOK on blurb in the link below.

Audacity Of Her

I really want to…

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