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Means to the end

What are our means to the end? How will we make it from start to finish? Can we have means without means? There are two definition to the word means that while it is the same word, both meanings are... Continue Reading →

Excel Budget Video Tutorials

We have started making video tutorials to help walk you through the Excel budgets that we have posted. Please check out the budgets page, Watch the video and let us know if it is helpful. We have more videos to... Continue Reading →

Our January (2017) frugality moves so far…..

"There's always a price to be paid if you are going to win" by Dave Ramsey We have been budget geeks for a while now and have realized as time goes by, the idea of frugality or you can call... Continue Reading →

Savings Goals

As we close in on the new year, we need to start thinking about next year's finances and how to control them. Budgets???? We are currently working on our family budget for 2017 which will be coming available in a... Continue Reading →

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