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O wow today.

O wow, this day I love. Off the line was beauty at its core. From the sun up the smile was there softly tell me what I needed to hear. Slowly I moved holding on to that moment of peace... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year……..

Happy New Year...... I'm a little late at saying that but it's only the 7th so I think it can slide. How was your last year? Mine was a flash but this year will be different. Just like every other... Continue Reading →


As time closes on this "New Year", the time comes to look back, not over our accomplishments but to look back at time spent. The bottomless vault of time we burn not knowing what we have left but regardless, we... Continue Reading →

Why I like my ring

So I must say that I am a big fan of my ring. It is totally flashy. Not in a two carrots in each ear kind of way but more in a super manly tungsten carbide machine tool kind of... Continue Reading →

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