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Giddy little school girl…….

So I must say that I am a "giddy little school girl" right now. I have been "In Between Bikes" for almost 4 years now and it has been ruff. With the departure of the car I hate, now the... Continue Reading →

Be your own barber. 😁😁

When I say be your own barber I more mean it in the cheapskate Tupperware bowl cut on the 5 gallon bucket in the garage kinda barber. As a 34 year old man I have to say I have cut... Continue Reading →

It’s a good day

Today has been a surprisingly good day considering the time change. I'm generally like everyone else that's super grumpy right now over the loss of a beloved hour of sleep. We did not go to bed early so I could... Continue Reading →

Why I like my ring

So I must say that I am a big fan of my ring. It is totally flashy. Not in a two carrots in each ear kind of way but more in a super manly tungsten carbide machine tool kind of... Continue Reading →

Things I hate – Airplanes

So I'm not sure this is a good topic to start but here we go. Things I hate - Airplanes. Let me clarify that I don't really hate airplanes. I actually think they are really cool. Not as cool as... Continue Reading →

My Faithful Car Rant!

So I have a problem. I hate my car. Yes hate. I know that is a strong word my mother told me to never use but it is proper in this situation. I hate that it is a car, I... Continue Reading →

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