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Means to the end

What are our means to the end? How will we make it from start to finish? Can we have means without means? There are two definition to the word means that while it is the same word, both meanings are... Continue Reading →


Where To Buy Cheap Lego?

Lego is one of the most popular toys in the world.The main problem with getting into it however is the price. A medium sized set can easily cost anywhere from £30-£100 which is a lot to spend for a… Source:... Continue Reading →

Monthly Piece of Budget Pie! Jan 2017

This year in an attempt to give us a fun goal to work towards, my wife and I decided that I should post our monthly percentages for our income broken down into the 4 categories below. Bills (Mostly Fixed Costs)... Continue Reading →

Why Budget!

If you are new to the subject of personal finances then you are probably asking yourself Why? Why go through the hassle? Why restrain your spending? Why be so nerdy? Well, let me try to tell you Why by asking a... Continue Reading →

Feed the machine. 

I work in a pretty technology enhanced plant that has a robotic build cell. It builds large structures that travel on little cart from one station to the next. Various robotic arms reach out to a stack of parts, spin... Continue Reading →

20s Something Stupid Spending

I will be turning the ripe old age of 34 this year and that has given me a few years to reflect on spending I did in my twenties before I met my wife. While there were a few winners,... Continue Reading →

$1-$1=0=”American Dream”

Normal American debt broken down: In today's America, being a dreamer or rather achieving the "American dream" seems to come with a huge price tag or you can call it debt. This is by no means a secret anymore. Less... Continue Reading →

Excel Budget Video Tutorials

We have started making video tutorials to help walk you through the Excel budgets that we have posted. Please check out the budgets page, Watch the video and let us know if it is helpful. We have more videos to... Continue Reading →

Our January (2017) frugality moves so far…..

"There's always a price to be paid if you are going to win" by Dave Ramsey We have been budget geeks for a while now and have realized as time goes by, the idea of frugality or you can call... Continue Reading →

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