Missing you….. Yes you……. Where did you go? No where of course but that does not change that I’m missing you.

I had the pleasure of going shotgun shooting at a work event and out to dinner afterwards with “guys”. These events happen about once a year as a team building event for work and they truly are a lot of fun. But as I whole heartedly participate, it is never far from my mind that I would really rather be someplace else. I would rather be with you……. I would rather be playing with our children and holding your hand. I was not home to eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate and cuddle up on the couch while watching a movie. I know I am whining about nothing given the fact that I only have to do these things about once a year but it does not take away me missing you.

Home is where my heart is and I leave it home with you everyday I leave for work. I walk through the work week as a heartless tub of jello hoping the blood in my veins will last long enough till I’m close enough to my heart again for some circulation.

I miss you every time I am not with you and that will never change. In fact it seems to be getting worse. I’ll admit it. I’m one love sick puppy dog.  We have been at this for almost 11 years and im not sure what it will be like at 50 years.

I love you my bride.

Miss you.

(I know this was not very manly and all but at least no one ever reads this, lol)