As time closes on this “New Year”, the time comes to look back, not over our accomplishments but to look back at time spent. The bottomless vault of time we burn not knowing what we have left but regardless, we burn through time not looking at how it’s spent. We spend our time on frivolous things that have small intrinsic value but we hope for more. We hope for something that lasts the test of time. What is the “Test of Time”? What is time itself? Time is just a moment, a moment to pray, a moment to love, a moment to laugh, a moment to trust. To trust in one, not oneself who fails you constantly but to trust on one who is never failing, never changing, never limited by time. The time we spend is valuable when it has meaning, it is valuable when it has depth. Holding hands with my wife in the stillness of the night without a word spoken is time well spent. It is time money can’t buy. It is time to cherish forever. Spend your time with purpose. Spend your time with meaning, spend your time bringing Glory to God in everything you do.