Today has been a surprisingly good day considering the time change. I’m generally like everyone else that’s super grumpy right now over the loss of a beloved hour of sleep. We did not go to bed early so I could catch up. I actually woke up before my alarm at 5:45 am. So why is it so great? To start off, I had an amazing weekend with my family. Fun Friday night with pizza and an old Disney movie for the kids. Restful Saturday morning with the first cup of my beloved coffee in weeks. (Been sick) Went to the plant nursery and got a few things to get the bucket garden started and worked on some things for the side business. Had an amazing Sunday with church and a Bible study on world views. Played with the kids outside and had a nice evening with my bride. Woke up this morning feeling good and had a great quiet time. 

I did not get any toys. I did not do anything costing money considered entertaining. I just enjoyed life. I enjoyed my family and this life God has put me in. I enjoyed the quiet, the peacefulness, the fresh air, laughter of my children. I enjoyed time in scripture and prayer. 

That’s why I am good today.