So I must say that I am a big fan of my ring. It is totally flashy. Not in a two carrots in each ear kind of way but more in a super manly tungsten carbide machine tool kind of way. You know, only cut by diamondz kinda swag. This is my second ring as I was a much heftier fellow 9 years ago but I have kept with the same style and material. Did I mention the thing is cheap to? $90 for the first one and $50 on sale for the last!!!! The fact that such a steal of steel is total goodness to me really highlights is flashiness both in looks and frugality.
So with the apparent reasons out of the way, let’s get to the not so apparent reasons.

As we know from our wedding vows, the ring is a symbol of those things. My ring to me, has its own characteristics that symbolize the strength one marriage must have.

  • It can’t be scratched when drug across concrete. Just like marriage is not dependent on the surface it is drug across. It is to shine with the Glory of the Lord. Regardless of the trials we go through, we are not relieved of our duties in marriage. We are not relieved of our duty to honor God and bring glory to Him in our marriage.
  • Only diamonds can cut it.   Mark 10:9 “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”     The fact that only diamonds can cut it means that diamonds made the thing. It stands to reason that if God is the only one that can create marriage then he is the only one could break it of which he would not. No human is capable of separating it no matter how hard they try.
  • It can build anything. If you look at the history of tungsten carbide, you will see that it has been used in a wide variety of things needed to shape this world. Engines, Ammo, Surgical tools, power Plants, and my dang cool RING. Marriage is a vital part of who we were created to be and is an essential part of our lives. Without our marriage I would have no reason to get out of bed let alone do anything to contribute to the world we live in. I’m sure a few founders of this country and beyond would agree with me.
  • I’m Naked without it. I’m completely naked without the thing. I think I would forgo pants if I had to choose. It is part of me and as it took a few weeks to get used to wearing it when we first got married, it is now an inseparable part of who I am. My wife is every part the same. I have to have her by my side and I am utterly useless without her. When we are apart, my old war wound from my missing rib flares up a bit. She is my best friend and I know it should be perfectly normal to love something that God created just for me. To need something that is part of me is perfectly normal and anyone who says differently is lying to themselves.

My Ring is cool, it looks good, it is frugal, it is something MacGyver would wear. I think you can see why I like my Ring.