So I’m not sure this is a good topic to start but here we go. Things I hate – Airplanes. Let me clarify that I don’t really hate airplanes. I actually think they are really cool. Not as cool as helicopters. Nothing is as cool as helicopters but airplanes are as close second. I hate flying on airplanes. Why am I sitting in a steel tube at 37000 feet. Why am I not driving right now. I am heading to Detroit for work and out of necessity I am flying for times sake. All this aside I hate flying on airplanes and here is why.

  1. The parking garage. Everyone is looking for money. Even the bus driver from the parking garage. Why? Does he not get paid? He drives a van. I commend him for working and contributing to society but why does he need a tip? If you want to give him a tip then go ahead but why does he expect it. You are already paying way too much to park there.
  2. Checked baggage fees. I’m not so upset with this completely but for this particular trip, I am flying on a puddle jumper with no cabin storage. What does this mean? I paid $25 for a checked bag. Those who knew better just carried the same size bag to the gate and it was checked below for free. I guess if I was more travel Savi I would have know how small this airplane is and would have saved the money.
  3. Food. Once your a captive behind security you better not get hungry. $13 for coffee, water, applesauce, and a snack of humus. See below. To make matters worse, the coffee was colored water. 
  4. Being away from my family. This is not supposed to be normal. I don’t know why people think it is normal. You are supposed to be together. You are supposed to work every day and come home to your wife and children every night. Your supposed to tuck your kidoes in bed and say a prayer with them. I see a lot of dads who travel on a regular basis who love it. They can’t wait to leave again. Why? I am not wired this way and never will be. I have traveled two times counting this overnight without the family in the last 9 years. And frankly that is two to many. Not sure why I said yes to this trip anyways but here I am stuck at 37000 feet. I think next time we will road trip the family to Detroit.

If your an avid traveler and I stepped on your toes a bit I hope you can understand my position. I am worthless with out my family and I am especially terrified of flying. Anyone that loves flying can go jump in the lake.