So you may have heard people talking about an EDC or Every Day Carry by now if you read gun blogs or watch YouTube videos of the gun community. These range from a pen to a small arsenal with food rations for a week and enough ammo to supply the “Wolverines” for Red Dawn 3. Where do they put it all? I don’t know but if their pants ain’t on the ground from so much lead then more power to them.

I tend to go on the more conservative route as I have three different scenarios in which my EDC varies.

Daily carry during work hours.

Like many folks, I am limited on what I can carry to work so I stick with the basics. A good pocket knife and my cell phone. I have been carrying a pocket knife from about the time I was 8 years old to now and have not had a day I did not carry it. I feel completely naked without my knife in my pocket as I have it even now as I write this in the comfort of my home. You never know when you will need a knife out of necessity or protection and I find it vital to make sure you always have a good one. My cell phone serve a lot of purposes as it is a flash light, phone, and map. I know I am limited by battery life but in case of an emergency I would shut it off to ration out battery life.

Night and Weekend (non-Firearm)

For nights and weekends when a firearm is not appropriate, I carry the above pocket knife and cell phone but generally add another knife on the belt. This knife is rather self-explanatory as you will see in the picture below. It allows for good concealment as well as fast deployment to stop almost any situation with one blow.


The full deal.

As you may have guessed the “Full Deal”, is all of the above with an addition of a firearm. I carry a Walther PPS 9MM in an Allen holster that works in a variety of carrying positions.


My EDC Summary

  1. Walther PPS 9MM
  2. Allen Belt Slide, Works both inside and outside the waist band in any position along the belt line.
  3. Moto 4G cell phone
  4. CRKT Keramin
  5. Ontario Utilitac II

Some may not agree with my level of EDC on both sides of the spectrum but it works for me and I am glad to have the freedom to protect myself and my family. Other things are not worth protecting in the world but the sanctity of human life is always worth protecting.