This year in an attempt to give us a fun goal to work towards, my wife and I decided that I should post our monthly percentages for our income broken down into the 4 categories below.

  1. Bills (Mostly Fixed Costs)
  2. Expenses (Fluctuating Costs)
  3. Giving (at least 10% <)
  4. Saving (35% goal)

With these guidelines, we are trying to achieve at least 35% in savings every month for the year. So far as the budget is estimated, we may be able to do far better than that with a potential oc hitting 40% overall. 

To help stay on track, we will post two pie charts every month. The first is a “projected” of the current month as we have the budget. If expenses do not go as planned, we will adjust and post the actual pie chart the following month. Since this is January, I will only post the projected and follow up with the actual next month along with February’s projected.

January Projected